Monday, October 31, 2011

Cutest blog on the what? ....

Ok seriousley I don't know why I stink at this!? Ug I hate that I get on here and look at everyones blogs and when my home page pulls up there is that button on the left side that is all cute saying "Cutest blog on the block" really my blog needs to find a block!!! No joke. Sorry to everyone who wants to know what's up with us, I'm just not too hot with this i try and I think about it but other things sometimes take my time, Facebook, Pinterest(really I could spend all day on that site I have to limit myself on there!!) my kids, my husband, having our own business, looking at houses to buy, bills, kids activities, school, having a 15 month old, thinking of moving, cows, horse, house work, and not to mention LAUNDRY! Seriously I can't wait til my kids turn 12 and have to do there own! Wow when did we get some many!?! Oh wait it's not that we have lots it's the fact that I still have 3T mixed in with 4T and 5T and even 6T! Seriously I need to let them go! But I can't! I love them and I don't want my babies to grow up so fast! But they are, see my debate I have with myself over this!? So I end up leaving the girls room to just move on to another room, someone please stop this madness!! I'll box them up I SWEAR!

Well onto other things, what have we been up too?? The question really should be what haven't we been up too? I feel like November is here and I'm not ready for it at all! I still need summer to come back so I can do the things I wanted to do with my kids! But alast winter is just around the cornor and I'm so not ready for the cold, or wet or snow or BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to move in winter to like hawaii or costa rica or some place warm! ug plus now I have to have the fights with my kids of where are your socks? You can't wear that it's not summer anymore! Flip flops don't work when it's 20 outside! Or this has been the best yet. Here is a conversation I have with Hadley about weekly sometimes twice.

Hadley: Wow it's so hot outside
Me: Um no it's not it's like 60 outside
H:Yes but the sun is shinning so can I put on my swimsuit and play in the sprinklers?
Me: WHAT!! NO!!! Funny girl!
H: But why not it's hot outside!
Me: It's not that hot outside it's nice but not hot! And no you will get sick(saying this I have come to find out really stops alot of arguing with the girls, they must not like to be sick)

But this is just some of the fun we've been having lately! Exciting uh!? I know some of you will get this in just a few years! But anyways, we really did have a fun summer even if I can't really remember all of what we did.

Confession- In order for me to remember what we did, I will go threw my pictures on the computer! Is that bad or WHAT! And sometimes I still don't remember! Wow I should have a planner or something.

Confession- I get tired of taking pictures sometimes! UG! Really? Ya I do! It's so hard sometimes Always have my camera with me, it doesn't always work, upload the pictures, and then they sit on my hard drive and I get to see some randomly on my backdrop cause it's programed to play our pictures. But sometimes I just want to enjoy playing with my kids too. And to be honest with 3 it's hard to take pictures, I totally understand why there are less pictures with 3 or + kids, cause everyone needs there moment to shine, and with Cache being the only boy I feel like I take more of him or I leave him out and take more of the girls, oh it's a hard thing to do. Or when my camera decides to not work I have to use someone else's like my mom's and she NEVER clears off her disk so when I go to get pictures I have to wait till 1000 pictures load! I try to help her but really it doesn't help sometimes. So for those of you who are waiting to see your kids from the girls birthday party, that is where those pictures are! Sorry they will come I promise!

Confession- Life is hard and marriage is harder! Really I don't remember if it's 5 years is the hardest or if its 7 but either way we hit 5 and I have never been tested like this in a marriage! Really I'll be honest here folks cause this is my blog after all and all of you who read this are friends or family so you must care somewhere but we've had a hard time lately and it could be a couple of things that have added up to it that we just take it out on each other, which we shouldn't do but ya it's been a challenge.

Confession- We are looking to buy a home(sorry to alert people in our ward this way!) But it's true we've put two offers on the house we are in and the people that own it are CRAZY and think it's worth a diamond mine! No joke so we have been looking and looking and looking at other places. Just know that none of them so far have grabbed my heart strings and said "HOME" yet. some are nice and we could make a home but I've been waiting for that one that just yells at me when I walk into it "this is the place!!" Ha ha totally stole that from Pres. B. Young! But we will stay here until we find something or some prayers are anwsered and we can buy this house. But don't worry we still love our ward and our callings and that is one thing that we are having issues with while looking at other houses, outside of ward boundries(yikes i know) I don't want to leave this area at all or my road I love my road and I love my neighbors and friends. (*sniff*)

Confession- My house is hardly ever clean. No joking here at all. I will start to clean it and it will be clean for like a night then everyone wakes up and I don't know what happens. It all goes to hell! Serious, it drives me nuts, I so want a clean home I do and I try (I guess not good enough) but it's not clean, so if you come over just know that it maybe messy and dishes in the sink or counter cause the dishwasher is empty but I'm the only one that knows how to load it I guess, so they just haven't made it in yet. And there will most likely be a basket of clothes that need to be folded in my room or by the laundry. I even like to fold but I just doesn't happen sometimes. Sorry.

Confession- I'm not one of those amazing LDS moms that you see on other blogs. I have my bad days lots, and I don't like to compare myself with them. I have crafts that are have done almost done and haven't even touched yet sitting in my room just waiting for me. But those are things that have to wait until I have time to myself to enjoy it cause otherwise all my kids end up in the same place as me and wanting to paint or glue with me and for those of you that let your kids more power to ya, but me I can't. You see that is my escape, that is my time and something I pride myself in and so when I get into my "craft zone" you could say I like for it to be me my craft and some kind of music. Not the best but that is how I am sometimes, same with cooking, I have a hard time letting my kids help cause when I cook I like for it to look nice, ug who thinks that way?! What is wrong with me?!? I will let them help but wow it takes A LOT of pacitence for me and deep breathing to get threw it! Wow! I know, minus 10 points from Gryiffendor. UG!

Confession- I enjoy my confession time on the computer- hopefully I can help someone else out there!

Confession- I don't think I've ever been this honest before, but who am I kiding? Facebook is not the place to put stuff like this!!! Could you imagine all the comments from people? I can see them now! Ha ha I think I would like to see alot of the comments but I'll spare myself! I think there is enough negative out there and I try to keep it happy or just keep my mouth shut! And read about everyone elses drama and then I feel better about myself! Ha ha ha really isn't that how it is?

Confession- Sister in laws. Enough said.

No really where did mine come from? Goodness I don't even know, sometimes I love them to the moon and back and so happy they are in our family and then other days I think, yep no good. I know what your thinking wow that is harsh and you should love them always, oh I do, it's just that sometimes I wish we could all be on the same page, but alast we are not, and I'm coming to find this out more and more and it's very hard for me and my mom.

Confession- Next to Brandon, my mom is totally my best freind. I don't think there is anything we don't talk about, we will call each other just to say hello. and have nothing to talk about at all but it ends up being an hour phone call, or the best is while I'm talking to her I'm packing up the kids to head over to her house to finish the convo with her in person. Love my mama. She is the bomb. I would be lost without her.

Confession- I love my husband. We have our hard times, but we really have a good time together. We laugh and talk about who knows what but we can spend 4 plus hours in the car together and not even remember what we talked about but we are both smiling and happy and holding hands.... yep he is pretty amazing with me. It's hard when I'm the youngest(not gonna lie we are spoiled kids) and he is the oldest(not gonna lie they have it the hardest) but some how we complete each other, I give him what he is missing and he gives me what I'm missing. And sleeping together just completes it all! Ha ha TMI!!! Then again this is my blog!! But that is as far as I go with that!

Confession- I love my girls! Really people think I'm crazy that they are the same age for 8 days or that they are 51 weeks apart, but they are best friends, I never have to worry about them having someone to play with. And they are getting even more into that pretend stage and I love to hear them in there room or out side and they are having so much fun! WARNING- Girls FIGHT! AND they fight HARD! But then 20 mintues later best friends again! I love it! Do I get aggervated with them yes I do but I love them lots cause one day they will move out and get married and then I just won't know what to do! Love my babies!

Confession- I love having a boy! Cache is the coolest and cutest boy EVER! He is my buddy, until he hears that Daddy is home or hears his truck pull in and I'm last on his list! This boy loves his da da! And loves everything that he loves, he loves to get in his truck and pretend to drive and to walk around with him and feed the animals with him and to sit on the couch and read or play barn on the floor, as long as he is with his daddy he is happy! Love this boy he is SO DIFFERENT then girls too! So it's pretty exciting for me to watch him grow cause he is growing into the cutest boy who will treat all girls amazing! :) And he can thank his mama for that one then his sisters next!

Confession- I love my life! Really I have days that are hard and tough but then I have days that I just feel so over whelmed with emotion and joy for the blessings in my life! I Love that feeling. Life is hard but it's worth it.

Thanks for reading and I'm gonna try and find some pictures to share with you of how much and fast my family has grown up!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not so different ....

Ok so this post is just one of those ones that I have to get off my chest.

So when I named my oldest I thought "Wow her name is SO different I love it!"

Well it was .... then we moved to Hooper .... there is a Hadley in our ward!

REALLY????!!! Out of all the places we have two Hadleys.

So that is ok it's kind of fun, BUT now I'm hearing it EVERYWHERE!!!!! Ug, really
when did it become so popular? I ALWAYS ALWAYS HATED, seriously, HATED being
Lindsey S. in school. It totally sucked, AND everyone ALWAYS SPELLED my NAME WRONG! And now there are TONS of lil Hadleys runnin around!!

Well come to find out people have been spelling Hadleys name wrong, LIKE at SCHOOL! UG!
Or they try to make it different, STOP doing that it messes people UP! (this is how we spell my childrens names: Hadley, Taylor, Cache. Really? Is it that hard? Should I have stuck with names like Ace? Or Texie Or Summer?)

So HERE is my real annoyance, I was told the other day that my honey knows a girl that went to school with him or something like that and she is having a baby girl..... GUESS what HER name is going to be ...... HADLEY PAIGE!!!


Why?!?! What?!!?!?! Poo! How is it that someone can have the same middle name as my daughter? Really?!?!?!?! I mean I really thought her name was so different and NO ONE would ever name there daughters that. Cause it's such a country name to me and it has SO much meaning behind it for us. Her WHOLE name, not just first but middle too!

Then we went to Kindergarden Round-up and there is a BOY with the name HADLEY!!!! Serious! She better not be in the same class as him! But really, how annoying!

Well so much for being DIFFERENT! I guess she gets to live with the Hadley M.

Sorry Hads, I really thought it was a not common name. I did try, but as fate has it you get to live what I did in school. Oh goodness. So is the story of my life!

Annoyance written, thanks.
More to come on what is new with life and the chitlins!!!
Love Love!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring ... Nope ... New Food ... Yes ...

Ok so besides the face that I'm totally annoyed by the weather .... so is my honey... hard to cut wet grass, and even worse while it's rainning. So to make myself feel better I decieded to cook! Ya lets get fat with food! That was my thinking, not the best but hell if summer and spring don't show up soon, I might as well move to Washington! Who needs sunshine anyways? So off my soapbox ... sorry.
So Like I was saying I cook. My family nicknamed me "Martha" and so I may like crafting and cooking and trying to be organized but hey by no means am I good at it.
So my mom actually got me hooked on this new lil treat, and it's kind of healty too! Go figure! It's Bruschetta. And boy oh boy so worth the make! And it's way EASY! Couldn't believe how easy it was and wow just good. But the thing was I needed some french bread to eat it with and me being the cute momma I am totally forgot the french bread at the store so I found a recipe and made some ... it's now a favorite of ours and it made 2 loaves! So here are my pictures of it and try not to drull and if ya would like we can plan a get together and I'll make it all for ya! I felt like I was in Italy or something eating and making all this! Love it! You even toast one side of your bread! Awesome! I love makeing new fun things like this!
Oh and there is the funny part, when Brandon came home he tried it and he doesn't like tomatoes so he put a bit on his bread and eat it and then SHOVED the rest of his bread into his mouth! Seriously so funny! But he also thought that was our dinner so he would dip the bread into the sauce .... he ate half a loaf of bread! So funny! I was making pasta for dinner too! He is crazy but that is why I love him! (Like I would really just give my kids and husband this for dinner?)
So we had a nite in Italy! And I have lunch tomorrow!

I know I know how amazing is that? And really that is all the ingredients! But SO GOOD! Ok I'm done talking about it...for now:)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Harry Potter is in all of us ...

So my husband is very funny, seriously. he can come up with the best one liners or just at the right moment say something and you will have tears rolling down your face. Ha ha I'm laughing right now thinking about funny things he has said, some are inside jokes that only i would get which to me is sad cause I think why is noone else laughing at this it is funny, but that is just me, anywho ... so we have this on going joke about Harry Potter, the girls totally love the movies, well the ones I let them watch, up to movie 4 and not even that one all the way, it is scary for them. So we had to watch 1 and 2 alot, and by alot i mean ALOT, daily! And Brandon hated them, serious. But then one day he says out of the blue "lets watch Harry Potter" For real?! So the girls are all excited and can't wait. Well my whole family has given him crap for not liking it etc. And when I told them he wanted to watch it they just started to laugh and someone said something about him getting "on board" and so now it's our joke of "toot toot" and this one is my favorite, we will text it to each other or out of nowhere in the middle of the night I will hear "Give me my wand Tom" HA HA HA HA! Serious it's so funny. So just little jokes like this are too much for me and I think at least weekly we talk about something to do with it. And this was our last one.

We were sitting at the dinner table and Hadley was kicking a ball and I said something about her being right handed but she hits and kicks lefty. And how she is amidixtrous that way and I say " when I was little I was amidixtrous" and here is the response I get "Ya anyone can pull out there wands and say amidixtrous. AMIDIXTROUS!(Pretending to pull out a wand and point it at me)" Ha ha ha oh man too funny. So I'm going to start putting our latest Harry quotes on here cause he kills me or anything else funny he does, like today for instance. I text him telling him he didn't smell like Santa he smelled of beef and cheese. and he text back saying no I smell like fire. Me WHAT? I get home and he says go look at the garden! He burned all the weeds down. ME: Why did you do that Him: Because I had some gas I wasn't useing and a hose with water. Ha ha ha ha then he got in his truck and left to do some work! Serious!
Nice a total piro! One more reason I love that man! Oh my goodness too much! Anyways, some of you may want to not read this since it's more for me to look back at and laugh, sorry I'm not good a journaling, but I want to be, and this is mine, in a way. So peace!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello world how you been? ...

Ok so I really sucked this up! Goodness I have the best intentions with our blog but man 3 kids is alot and when I have time to myself I want to sleep! So this gets left in the dark, or I look at it while I look at all of my friends and see how they are then I say I should write, but I don't I find something else to do ... clean, clean, oh maybe clean, I may cook, or sleep. Wow I know some of you are so not missing out!

So where in the world do I start??? The last post was 8 months ago, time flys no joke, and goes even faster when you have kids. So lets just start with this ...

Let see here. I'll try to tell you how Cache was born, without boring you. The saturday before we went up to East Canyon to go fishing, hoping the drive would help move things along, I was at a 2 and 80% and I really wanted to have him on the 27th it was just a good time with our vacation coming up. So we did that and walked around with the girls and they got really bord of fishing like that cause face it when you aint catching it's no fun for 3 and 4 year olds. So we decieded to go to the fish farm and they girls love no like really love the fish farm. They ask if we can go all year. So we did that and i was having pressure and contractions but nothing too serious yet. So we decided to try castro oil - Note i do not recomment this it was GROSS!! I couldn't even finsh my milk shake, ug I still get the gag reflux when I think of it. So we just had a fun night in and settled in the ice cream and a movie with the girls, well I couldn't for the life of me get comphy, and I was in pain. I had to get up and move around, I was up at 2 3 4 5 6 and finally at 7 I couldn't take it anymore, we got everyone ready for church (it starts at 9) and I told brandon that I would see how i was doing after that, well it was just painful and we decided to go up to the hospital and just have a look cause my contractions were hurting. My brother and sis in law were speaking the their ward and my parents were to speak in theres later that day, so we dropped off the girls to my parents who went to hear them speak and told my mom and sis in law to come up after if the keep us. So we get there and get checked and they tell me i'm at a 4 and call my doc and he says to check me in. I'm so excited! So we get to our room around 11ish and start with the monitors and iv and things like that well I get to a 5 or 6 and ask for the epidural (very much heaven sent) and everything is going like clock work my doc was out on a hike in the mountains and came right from there to break my water and then he said he was going to go home and change etc, that was around 1 and come 3:30 they were getting me ready to have another baby! So excited! It was so easy too! They are like push and I do and push again and I do ( ok not that I have any idea why they say that cause I really don't know how to "push" or if I'm even doing it right I just kind of squint my eyes and act like I'm pushing!!) And then there he was our still un named boy! With lots of hair and as cute as a button! Well the name thing was kind of a big thing to us. I wanted Payson first and B wanted Cache first, and all in all i kind of really didn't care cause I love both names. So we got all done and then everyone left the room and it was just me and B and baby and Daddy was holding him and I told Brandon that he could choose the name, so we had a prayer with our boy and then Brand just started to cry and it was really an amazing experience, we both were filled with the spirit and brandon told him his name is Cache Brand Manscill. And we both cryed and hugged and kissed and then kissed our boy and spent a few more moments with him before we let everyone back in cause that is just how it was, they were all taking bets on what we would pick to Bran wrote his name on the white board and they all came back in to see what it was. And it was a really sweet moment. And now we have our super cute little boy who looks just like his daddy! And I love it! I loved seeing Brandon with our girls, and still do but I love seeing him with his boy! He is an amazing father! And he loves his babies so much! They really do change a boy into a man and then they have a very tender spot in his heart, My honey may look like he is tough and not nice but he is the gentalest man ever, kids really do soften them up. Love it!
Cache was born! Yahoo! He sure was a cute baby!

Family Vacation to North Carolina; drove with my parents and 3 kids, and got there in 2 1/2 days, non stop! Brandon flew. Lucky. No serious it was so fun! I would do it in a heart beat again. The girls were awesome and Cache just slept, and we made some great memories. We celebrated my Grandparents 65th Wedding Anniversary and then also turned it into a family reunion, the last one was there 50th, been a long time. And we hit the beach( but not my proudest moments in a 2 peice after 3 weeks of having a baby, still look at the pictures and gag) And we got to see the country and it was amazing! I love driving and I just wish Brand could of drove with us, dang that owning your own business crap. Hopefully soon he will be able to do a drive with us and we can spend some more time in different states instead of driving threw and just stopping at gas stations and food resturants. But still so fun! And the girls loved swimming at the pool and playing in the ocean. And I loved seeing my family! Sure do miss them!

I could add TONS of picts to this one but I won't, I'll wait for another day!!!

Celebrated Hooper Tomatoe Days. The girls tryed out for Lil Miss Pink Tomatoe, Hadley got 1st Princess!!! She was a freaking cutie! Holy cow! ( Don't worry pictures will be at the bottom) And she just loved it! We even got new cowgirl clothes for it! And everyone told Brandon to watch out cause this is just the beginning! And trust me our future is looking scary with the bank account if she and Taylor keep this up!! Ha ha no just kidding we are excited for all that they are doing! And they have an amazing Daddy who will work his butt off to support them! Love that guy, just thought I would put a plug in there for my honey! Love you!! Lets see oh yes we also celebrated our 4 year anniversary, we didn't go anywhere just to dinner, and Brandon got me some really cute horseshoe earrings! He is amazing! We spent some time at the fish farm and doing family things like that!

The girls both started pre-school, Hadley for the 2 time and Taylor for the first, thier Daddy cried! He is such a tender guy! So for 2 1/2 hours it's just me and cache time, or we are at the grocery store, it's no fun taking 3 even thou they do good, some of the time. The girls also started up dance, I love it, they are so good and learning to much. And Cache turned 3 months, and is growing so fast he can hold his head up and is sitting with support. Crazy how time flies. We also blessed Cache this month too! Brandon gave him a great blessing. And he was really excited too!

Hunting season ... enough said. Dad gone for a couple of weekends, and nothing "cool" to "report" I was going to go but didn't cause I didn't have a sitter(my mom) to watch the kidos. And it's ok. It was fun to be home with them. I hung out at my parents which was just as fun and like a get away for me. We also celebrated Halloween, Hadley was a witch/nice one, Taylor was a nice devil(ha ha right) and Cache was my bear cub! He was pretty cute. They had fun trick or treating, and the trunk or treat was great it just finished down poring in time for it! And the girls had parties at school, it was fun! We also got school pictures taken from my moms school at the beginning of the month, they turned out pretty cute!

Mowing season comes to an end and Christmas Lights go up. Meaning my honey is up on roofs making peoples home pretty! So exciting! And life risking! Oh my days are never dull! We had a fun time with Brandon's side of the family for Thanksgiving down in Orem. And we got ready for the holidays to start up. And ya ... doing all this from memory and it's kind of hard. Brandon also got into an accident this month too!!! Don't worry it wasn't his fault and he is ok(remember this for march)

(Ok I don't have any pictures of this stuff, I can't find any right now but just know we did eat turkey!!!)

Happy 26th Birthday Honey! Wow amazing! We have been together 6 years! We went on our first date on the 3rd and pretty much have been together since! Don't know what I would do without this guy! Worthy to take me to the temple every month and to hold the preisthood and to have an amazing calling as the 2nd coun. in Elders Quorm. And still loves me and wants to be with me! That is amazing cause sometimes I can be .... well like me!!! I love you Babe and I can't imagine life without you in it!
The girls also put on a Christmas program at school, it was so cute and they still sing the songs. And I rode front runner for the first time with the YW to see the lights at Temple Square, that just really sets the mood for the season if you ask me.

Merry Christmas! What in the world was up with the pillow pet crave this year?!?!? Oh well my girls each got one! Hadley got the unicorn she wanted and Taylor got the Bumble Bee. They love them. They also got new boots and leapsters!( best money ever spent) They had a great Christmas! Cache got lots of clothes, he was more interested in eating the paper than anything!! Brandon said I got spoiled, and in a way I did! Hey sometimes Mommies go without for lots of things and sometimes we deserve it! And Brandon got some pretty awesome things too! My parents also gave each of us 4 kids video cameras that have the option of taking pictures on it as well! I love mine! It's so amazing! They really are the best and my mom started to cry when she was telling us why they got them for us. Love my parents they are totally amazing! Don't know what I would do without them! My mom is so funny she says that Brandon is one of the hardest people to shop for, which he is sometimes, but she's like but when I find a "theme" for him it's so fun and I find so much for him! She is funny! We of course did cookies and my mom and hadley made a gingerbread house, taylor fell asleep at the table waiting to start. But me and her made one the next day! And the girls were spoiled by all the grandparents, we have amazing families that love us so much! Truely blessed beyond belief!

New Years was so fun! Brandon and I went to Bull Wars before the ball dropped with his Dad and his date, it was fun I love getting all Cowgirled Up! We looked pretty hot. Then we went down to my brothers house to bring in the new year!!! It was fun! I celebrated my 26th Birthday!!! Wow really?!?! Can I be this old??? We didn't really do too much to celebrate just dinner and cake and presents!! I'm still in the YW's program as the 2nd Counslor and we do a thing called "Winter Camp" which is just a fun way to say sleep over and play time mixed with a bit of Personal Progress. We went down to our Pres. Cabin in Manti and it was a blast!!! We went snowmobiling and had good food and even planned some fun activities for the year and even had special spritual time too! We have amazing YW in our ward they are so strong, I don't think I was ever that strong when I was thier age or even had a testimony like they do. Sure are an amazing generation. We also celebrated my Daddy's Birthday! Love him lots! Amazing man right there! And loved me and my family like nothing else! Oh and big news!! My brother and my sister in law had there sweet lil baby Addison Kate too!!!! Oh man she is tiny! And cute! They are the cutest new parents! They moved into there new house last year. Mommy and Baby are doing great! And my brother is the cutest Daddy to his girl. He is so super tall, and he holds her and she looks like a lil football!! Too funny! BIG NEWS!!!!! WE GOT A HORSE!!!! Her name is Blue Jeans! ( Thank you very much hannah montana!) She is a gray 20 year old mare! And is very good with kids and letting us learn on her! The girls love her! They are so excited to finally have a horse! They say we are "real cowgirls now!!" How cute is that???? Oh and we also got 3 baby calves! How exciting right?? They are pretty cute! And they all drink from bottles! I now have 6 kids to take care of!!! PS Cache learned to roll over the beginning of this month too!!! crazy!!!

(Almost caught up, good cause my brain is almost fried!) Happy Lovers Month!! That is what I texted Brandon on night, and he texted back what does that mean?! Really? Gees some guys! He's totally not thinking like me ... TMI??? But lets see here, Happy Birthday Nater Tater!!! Happy Birthday Heidi!!!! Happy Birthday Adam!!!!! Is that all .... yes it is. The first like 6 months of the year are full of birthdays!! Love it! I also LOVE valentines day! I have so many decorations that I forget what I have!!! Love decorating the house for each hoilday! The girls had a tea party with there friends and bubba is still the only boy!! Bubba is Cache's nickname. I love it and he responds to it, but when you say his real name he gets this big ol smile on his face!! So stinkin cute! Love that boy! The girls are great sisters to him and love him lots! Wow I haven't talked much about the kids, they grow so stinkin fast it's hard to keep up. The girls are awesome and learning lots! Wow so love pre-school they are so smart! And they love going! They are also doing amazing in dance! I can't wait for the recital! It will be busy but fun!!! I love my girls, even if I don't get to do there hair the way I want and you only see them in pony tails, sorry but they both have lots and I don't think I will ever cut it! I'm afraid it won't grow back!!! I do trim it and they get there bangs cut, only by my mom ( again too scared and not the best at cutting just look at my honeys hair, I cut his too) and bubba is tryin to catch up to his sisters! he's eating food, baby food, and sits like a star! He taught himself how to sit up from laying down this month! Crazy! and he just rolls all over! Not excited for the next step... crawling. He already rolls everywhere! And then he gets stuck and cries! It's kind of funny! And he loves to play with his sisters, he likes to sit in thier room with them or in the front room and just be around them. He also says Dada. he is in love with his Daddy! Such a fan! Don't get me wrong he loves his mamma, who does't?? But when Daddy walks in he is the only thing he follows and gets a big ol grin and so excited to see him! Love it. This next year is going to be so fun, he will have such a shadow at his feet! Can't wait. The girls are the same way! ( How did I get blessed to have such an amazing husband whose kids love him so much? They want to be with him all the time and always ask where his is if he is gone. Love it) Lets see here, we made our valentines breakfast too, love pink pancake hearts. And spent time with the honey! During the winter months he works a grave shift to keep busy and out of my hair!! So he's home during the day well half of it and then goes into work. it's not too bad and he likes it, it keeps his mind going for business, he comes home and tells me all these ideas he has and we run from there! So if you see us during these months (jan Feb and March) that maybe why we look like we are crazy cause we are for one but we are getting ready to start up a new season! ( If you need some yard work give us a call! GrassBusters Yard Care! 801-710-2433, tell him Lindsey sent you and you may get a discount!!!;) Or that you saw it on our blog!!!) Anywho, like that I so just thought of that on my own! Yep I'm pretty business smart too!!! No not really, anyways.... That seems to me like feb.

Oh you roll in like a Lion and CRASH!!!!! Oh what was that Lindz you were just in a car accident!??!?!? And Cache was in the car and you were on your way home from the doctor with him!!!??? She was 16!!!! She didn't stop either, just keep driving as she was hitting you!!!! She totaled your Tahoe!!!?? You have to wear a knee brace for 5 weeks cause you hit your knee cap on the dash as you were hit and you have whip lash and Cache was hurt(only a bit)!?!?!? And you are going nuts!?!?!! And and and OH WHAT A MONTH!!!!!! Yes that was the start of this month! Pretty exciting uh?!?!? No not really not even how I wanted to start my month! Very un cool! Oh wait what's that 5 days later someone hits your honey too!!! What the HELL!!?!?!? Ok yeah this month is totally not cool! What what was that he has the work trailer with him and what is inside of it, oh a baby calf!! Are you ...... kidding me!?!?!? Wow what else can I say?!?! It's been a crazy start of the year! Oh ok so I totally forgot about all of this, my kids have been crazy sick this year too! So I was so done. Done with the crappy weather, ready for spring summer anything where the sun shines and we can get out of our house and play outside and not freeze our butts off. But now all this. March you better roll out like a lamb or heaven help me! (ps no animals were harmed in any of this by the way and all are very healthy and eating in the barn as we type) So this has been a recap of the last 8 months, kind of, my baby is crawling! So cute! And pullin himself up onto everything! My girls are totally amazing! And I don't know what I would do without them! Hadley had Kindergarden round up this past week!!! I almost cried at that! But I'm so excited too! We drive past the school now and she goes there is my kindergarden school!! ha ha ha love it! taylor went on a field trip with her class to the living plant aquarium, we have never been and it was so fun! She loved it! Glad I get to go on field trips with my kids! I like being the mom with the baby stroller and hanging out with the kids, totally worth the headache and tiredness when I came home! I do have alot to look forward too this next month, the girls will turn 4 and 5, easter, spring.... seeing what the doc says about my knee, pray i don't need surgery, spring, planting our garden, spring ... um did i say spring?!!? Sunshine, playing outside, sunshine. SPRING!!!! Can you tell I'm excited for it?!?! But I also live in Utah where we woke up to snow on the ground this morning and going to bed with it all melted, So you never know, you never know and you can't trust the weather guys cause they have been wrong for the past like 2 weeks, you just have to wake up and hope for the best! My sister celebrated her birthday this month, and so did brandon's brother, too! They actually share the same day! Nice! But alast my sister does live in Montana so I wished her a happy bday on the phone and threw texting! I've have been extreamlly blessed this month also thew all this my neighbors have been amazing, they have brought us meals, made sure we are ok, some offered for us to use thier cars while we were looking for new ones(we had super nice rentals 2011, hard to give back) Our business has been good, and we even spent time with just the two of us! My kids ALL spent the weekend with my mom and dad! Cache got to have his first sleep over at my moms with the girls! So fun! So we went to the temple and out to dinner and then, slept! Serious it's so nice to sleep all night long! All in all it's been a good month, I even got in a girls night! Brandon and my relationship has gotten so much stronger and our love has only grown more and more. I truely love that man! I can't imagine life without him in it! We have spend lots of family time in the barn every night feeding cows and taking care of blue jeans. We have been in this house now for 3 years this august! Crazy! I love it, we talk about moving but I just can't see it right now. I love my ward and my friends and I love where we live. Nothing better than Hooper!! Well my knee is killin me so I'm gonna head off to bed, all my kidos are fast asleep and not in there beds, one is on the couch and one is next to me in my bed!! hee hee she is so cute! She read her story and then rolled over and was out! Love my girls! But anywho I guess I'll try to put up some pictures too! This could take some time but everyone loves pictures! I know I do! It's like a suprise in a book oh look some pictures! Even better if they are in color!