Monday, October 31, 2011

Cutest blog on the what? ....

Ok seriousley I don't know why I stink at this!? Ug I hate that I get on here and look at everyones blogs and when my home page pulls up there is that button on the left side that is all cute saying "Cutest blog on the block" really my blog needs to find a block!!! No joke. Sorry to everyone who wants to know what's up with us, I'm just not too hot with this i try and I think about it but other things sometimes take my time, Facebook, Pinterest(really I could spend all day on that site I have to limit myself on there!!) my kids, my husband, having our own business, looking at houses to buy, bills, kids activities, school, having a 15 month old, thinking of moving, cows, horse, house work, and not to mention LAUNDRY! Seriously I can't wait til my kids turn 12 and have to do there own! Wow when did we get some many!?! Oh wait it's not that we have lots it's the fact that I still have 3T mixed in with 4T and 5T and even 6T! Seriously I need to let them go! But I can't! I love them and I don't want my babies to grow up so fast! But they are, see my debate I have with myself over this!? So I end up leaving the girls room to just move on to another room, someone please stop this madness!! I'll box them up I SWEAR!

Well onto other things, what have we been up too?? The question really should be what haven't we been up too? I feel like November is here and I'm not ready for it at all! I still need summer to come back so I can do the things I wanted to do with my kids! But alast winter is just around the cornor and I'm so not ready for the cold, or wet or snow or BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to move in winter to like hawaii or costa rica or some place warm! ug plus now I have to have the fights with my kids of where are your socks? You can't wear that it's not summer anymore! Flip flops don't work when it's 20 outside! Or this has been the best yet. Here is a conversation I have with Hadley about weekly sometimes twice.

Hadley: Wow it's so hot outside
Me: Um no it's not it's like 60 outside
H:Yes but the sun is shinning so can I put on my swimsuit and play in the sprinklers?
Me: WHAT!! NO!!! Funny girl!
H: But why not it's hot outside!
Me: It's not that hot outside it's nice but not hot! And no you will get sick(saying this I have come to find out really stops alot of arguing with the girls, they must not like to be sick)

But this is just some of the fun we've been having lately! Exciting uh!? I know some of you will get this in just a few years! But anyways, we really did have a fun summer even if I can't really remember all of what we did.

Confession- In order for me to remember what we did, I will go threw my pictures on the computer! Is that bad or WHAT! And sometimes I still don't remember! Wow I should have a planner or something.

Confession- I get tired of taking pictures sometimes! UG! Really? Ya I do! It's so hard sometimes Always have my camera with me, it doesn't always work, upload the pictures, and then they sit on my hard drive and I get to see some randomly on my backdrop cause it's programed to play our pictures. But sometimes I just want to enjoy playing with my kids too. And to be honest with 3 it's hard to take pictures, I totally understand why there are less pictures with 3 or + kids, cause everyone needs there moment to shine, and with Cache being the only boy I feel like I take more of him or I leave him out and take more of the girls, oh it's a hard thing to do. Or when my camera decides to not work I have to use someone else's like my mom's and she NEVER clears off her disk so when I go to get pictures I have to wait till 1000 pictures load! I try to help her but really it doesn't help sometimes. So for those of you who are waiting to see your kids from the girls birthday party, that is where those pictures are! Sorry they will come I promise!

Confession- Life is hard and marriage is harder! Really I don't remember if it's 5 years is the hardest or if its 7 but either way we hit 5 and I have never been tested like this in a marriage! Really I'll be honest here folks cause this is my blog after all and all of you who read this are friends or family so you must care somewhere but we've had a hard time lately and it could be a couple of things that have added up to it that we just take it out on each other, which we shouldn't do but ya it's been a challenge.

Confession- We are looking to buy a home(sorry to alert people in our ward this way!) But it's true we've put two offers on the house we are in and the people that own it are CRAZY and think it's worth a diamond mine! No joke so we have been looking and looking and looking at other places. Just know that none of them so far have grabbed my heart strings and said "HOME" yet. some are nice and we could make a home but I've been waiting for that one that just yells at me when I walk into it "this is the place!!" Ha ha totally stole that from Pres. B. Young! But we will stay here until we find something or some prayers are anwsered and we can buy this house. But don't worry we still love our ward and our callings and that is one thing that we are having issues with while looking at other houses, outside of ward boundries(yikes i know) I don't want to leave this area at all or my road I love my road and I love my neighbors and friends. (*sniff*)

Confession- My house is hardly ever clean. No joking here at all. I will start to clean it and it will be clean for like a night then everyone wakes up and I don't know what happens. It all goes to hell! Serious, it drives me nuts, I so want a clean home I do and I try (I guess not good enough) but it's not clean, so if you come over just know that it maybe messy and dishes in the sink or counter cause the dishwasher is empty but I'm the only one that knows how to load it I guess, so they just haven't made it in yet. And there will most likely be a basket of clothes that need to be folded in my room or by the laundry. I even like to fold but I just doesn't happen sometimes. Sorry.

Confession- I'm not one of those amazing LDS moms that you see on other blogs. I have my bad days lots, and I don't like to compare myself with them. I have crafts that are have done almost done and haven't even touched yet sitting in my room just waiting for me. But those are things that have to wait until I have time to myself to enjoy it cause otherwise all my kids end up in the same place as me and wanting to paint or glue with me and for those of you that let your kids more power to ya, but me I can't. You see that is my escape, that is my time and something I pride myself in and so when I get into my "craft zone" you could say I like for it to be me my craft and some kind of music. Not the best but that is how I am sometimes, same with cooking, I have a hard time letting my kids help cause when I cook I like for it to look nice, ug who thinks that way?! What is wrong with me?!? I will let them help but wow it takes A LOT of pacitence for me and deep breathing to get threw it! Wow! I know, minus 10 points from Gryiffendor. UG!

Confession- I enjoy my confession time on the computer- hopefully I can help someone else out there!

Confession- I don't think I've ever been this honest before, but who am I kiding? Facebook is not the place to put stuff like this!!! Could you imagine all the comments from people? I can see them now! Ha ha I think I would like to see alot of the comments but I'll spare myself! I think there is enough negative out there and I try to keep it happy or just keep my mouth shut! And read about everyone elses drama and then I feel better about myself! Ha ha ha really isn't that how it is?

Confession- Sister in laws. Enough said.

No really where did mine come from? Goodness I don't even know, sometimes I love them to the moon and back and so happy they are in our family and then other days I think, yep no good. I know what your thinking wow that is harsh and you should love them always, oh I do, it's just that sometimes I wish we could all be on the same page, but alast we are not, and I'm coming to find this out more and more and it's very hard for me and my mom.

Confession- Next to Brandon, my mom is totally my best freind. I don't think there is anything we don't talk about, we will call each other just to say hello. and have nothing to talk about at all but it ends up being an hour phone call, or the best is while I'm talking to her I'm packing up the kids to head over to her house to finish the convo with her in person. Love my mama. She is the bomb. I would be lost without her.

Confession- I love my husband. We have our hard times, but we really have a good time together. We laugh and talk about who knows what but we can spend 4 plus hours in the car together and not even remember what we talked about but we are both smiling and happy and holding hands.... yep he is pretty amazing with me. It's hard when I'm the youngest(not gonna lie we are spoiled kids) and he is the oldest(not gonna lie they have it the hardest) but some how we complete each other, I give him what he is missing and he gives me what I'm missing. And sleeping together just completes it all! Ha ha TMI!!! Then again this is my blog!! But that is as far as I go with that!

Confession- I love my girls! Really people think I'm crazy that they are the same age for 8 days or that they are 51 weeks apart, but they are best friends, I never have to worry about them having someone to play with. And they are getting even more into that pretend stage and I love to hear them in there room or out side and they are having so much fun! WARNING- Girls FIGHT! AND they fight HARD! But then 20 mintues later best friends again! I love it! Do I get aggervated with them yes I do but I love them lots cause one day they will move out and get married and then I just won't know what to do! Love my babies!

Confession- I love having a boy! Cache is the coolest and cutest boy EVER! He is my buddy, until he hears that Daddy is home or hears his truck pull in and I'm last on his list! This boy loves his da da! And loves everything that he loves, he loves to get in his truck and pretend to drive and to walk around with him and feed the animals with him and to sit on the couch and read or play barn on the floor, as long as he is with his daddy he is happy! Love this boy he is SO DIFFERENT then girls too! So it's pretty exciting for me to watch him grow cause he is growing into the cutest boy who will treat all girls amazing! :) And he can thank his mama for that one then his sisters next!

Confession- I love my life! Really I have days that are hard and tough but then I have days that I just feel so over whelmed with emotion and joy for the blessings in my life! I Love that feeling. Life is hard but it's worth it.

Thanks for reading and I'm gonna try and find some pictures to share with you of how much and fast my family has grown up!


Megan Maree Walker Boehm said...

LOVEEE your updated blog :) You are a cutie!

Kristi said...

Lindsey you crack me up! I LOVED "Cutest blog on the what?? My blog needs to find a block!" Hilarious. I laughed pretty hard at that.